Upgraded Lives

Use Ecamm Live To Go Live With Multiple Participants, Screen Share, And More!

Upgraded Lives: Use Ecamm Live To Unleash Your Live Streaming Superpowers

Unleash Your Live Streaming Superpowers with Ecamm Live

Ready to take your live calls to the next level? Say hello to Ecamm Live, the ultimate tool that allows you to create jaw-dropping live broadcasts with multiple speakers, pre-recorded content, graphics, and screen shares, all while effortlessly streaming from various locations. Get ready to bring the WOW factor to your community!

What is Ecamm Live?

Ecamm Live is the ultimate live streaming tool that takes your broadcasts to the next level. It's like having your own production studio right at your fingertips! With Ecamm Live, you can effortlessly create professional-quality live streams that captivate and engage your audience.

How to Become an Ecamm Live Superhero:

Step 1: Join Ecamm Live To Level Up Your Lives

Sign up for Ecamm Live here and unlock a world of live streaming possibilities. Get ready to create unforgettable experiences for your community.

Step 2: Discover the Ecamm Dashboard & Pre-Production

Explore the Ecamm dashboard, where you can work your creative magic. Load your prerecorded videos, invite multiple participants through a link, customize colors and filters, and add all the special touches that will make your videos absolutely AMAZING! Or use a production company such as iEcho Arts to help you with this step. 

Step 3: Enable Virtual Camera

Install and turn on the Ecamm Live Virtual Camera. You'll find the virtual camera in the Output menu. Go to Virtual Cam and then check on. If you haven't installed the Virtual Cam yet, go through that process first. Please note: you need to be running Ecamm Live Pro in order to have access to the virtual camera. 

Step 4: Go Live from Your Community Platform

When you have your participants on the Ecamm link and you are ready to go, it's time to login to your community and click on the button to go live within your community. From the drop-down camera selection menu, you will select Ecamm Live Virtual Cam as your camera. 

Get ready to share your passion, knowledge, and excitement with your community in real-time.

Step 5: Manage The Live Stream From Ecamm's Incredible Dashboard

In your Ecamm Dashboard, you will have everything you need to produce high quality lives. Say goodbye to boring lives and hello to live streams that look like tv show productions! 

Why Choose Ecamm Live?

Ecamm Live is your secret weapon to create the most epic and professional live content in town. With its supercharged features, you'll be able to:

🎥 Harness the Power of Multiple Cameras: Bring the excitement of different angles and perspectives to your live streams by seamlessly incorporating multiple cameras. It's like having your own personal film crew!

🌈 Add Flair with Colors and Filters: Spice up your videos and give them that extra pop with customizable colors and filters. Let your creativity shine through and captivate your audience like never before.

📺 Load Prerecorded Videos: Take your live streams to new heights by seamlessly integrating prerecorded videos into your broadcasts. This means more engaging content and endless possibilities for your community.

💫 Amp Up Your Graphics Game: Elevate your visuals by adding stunning graphics and overlays. From lower thirds to logo animations, you can effortlessly enhance your brand presence and make your videos truly stand out.

Ecamm Pricing: Worth Every Penny!

While Ecamm Live does come with a price tag, the value it brings to your live streams is absolutely priceless. Invest in top-notch production quality and watch your content soar to new heights. With Ecamm Live, you'll have the power to create immersive and unforgettable live experiences for your community.

Ecamm Pricing

So what are you waiting for? Step into the world of Ecamm Live and become a live streaming superhero. Unleash your creativity, engage your community, and create moments that will leave a lasting impact.