9. Plans

Create Subscriptions for your Community and Turn It Into A Revenue-Generating Asset

9. Plans: How To Create & Manage Membership Plans

Table of Contents

  • How to Add Plans
  • Editing Plans
  • Paid Vs. Free Communities
  • Monetization Features With Plans

How to Add Membership Plans

Here's how you can add and edit the plans for your community:

Adding Plans:

  1. Open the Blue Community Panel via Communities > List > Open Panel
  2. Plans > List > Add 
  3. Fill in all the Plan Details (below)

IMPORTANT: won't be able to add plans until your Stripe account is connected and tied to your community.

Need some guidance? Check out our Gateway Tutorial for expert tips and tricks.

Create Unlimited Plans For Your Community

Plan Levels Example

Information required to create a plan:

  • Name: Give your plan a catchy name that captures its essence and attracts members.
  • Details: Describe the amazing benefits and perks members will receive when they join the plan. 
  • Image: Let your plans shine with eye-catching graphics! While optional, they add a polished touch to your plans page. Check out our Graphics Guide here. 
  • Price: Set the dollar amount for each subscription renewal, and get ready to see the magic happen.
  • Subscription Interval: Choose how often members will be charged, whether it's monthly, yearly, or something in between. Customize it to fit your community's needs.
  • Trial: Offer a thrilling free trial period to entice potential members. Specify the duration in days and make it clear that it's a fantastic opportunity they won't want to miss.

Looking for stunning plan graphics? We've got you covered!

Purchase our Graphics Package for a one-time fee of $400, and our talented team will create stunning visuals that enhance your plans and other community graphics. 

Talk to your Onboarding Rep to purchase.

Editing Plans

Action Menu - 3 dots

To change plan names, descriptions, or add a graphic, just hit Action


Changing a Plan's Price wont automatically change billing for specific members, so we don't recommend editing prices or deleting plans, especially if you have any current members on that plan. Instead, change the old plan to "Hidden" and add a new plan.

Hidden or Visible Plans

Have a first round of exclusive plans for your early members? No problem! You can hide previous subscription levels while continuing to bill existing members. New users won't see them as options on your plans page, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Paid Vs. Free Community: The "Pay Wall"

  • Paid Community: When you select the Paid registration option, your community will live behind a pay wall, and no one will be able to access it until they have selected a plan and paid for it.
  • Free Community: Your users will be able to access your community for free, right after registering and verifying their email. You can still add plans for specific areas like pages, groups, and audio albums.  

The Magic of Plans: Monetization Features

Once your plans are set up, the real magic happens! 

Let's explore the incredible monetization features that come to life with plans:

Gated Groups

Create a sense of exclusivity by locking groups behind specific subscription levels. Watch as members eagerly upgrade to gain access to connect with high-level individuals and discuss important topics.

Gated Content Pages

Create a sense of exclusivity by locking pages of valuable content behind specific subscription levels. Watch as members eagerly upgrade to gain access to your premium resources.

Members will not be able to access your subscription-locked pages until they unlock the proper subscription level, so you will want to make it really clear in the plan details that purchasing your content plan will give them access.

Viral Invites

Turn your members into passionate advocates for your community through our viral invites program. Enable users to refer their friends and receive value or a percentage of the sale. Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing and watch your community grow organically.

Subscription-Based Automations

Connect your community with other tools and systems using Zapier. Automate actions based on subscription triggers, such as sending personalized welcome emails when a user starts a subscription or re-engaging members if their subscription is canceled.

Get ready for the wonders of subscription-based automations that will revolutionize your community management:

  • Plan Subscription Started: When a user starts a subscription with a confirmed payment, it's time to celebrate! They've officially become your valued customer. Take this opportunity to shower them with an email flow filled with tips, tricks, and exclusive insights on how to make the most of your community. Keep them engaged and ensure they embark on an unforgettable journey within your vibrant community.
  • Plan Subscription Failed: Sometimes, payment hiccups happen, but fret not! When a subscription payment is declined, our automation springs into action. You can effortlessly send them a thoughtful message, offering assistance and providing alternative payment options. With a gentle nudge, you can recover lost revenue without lifting a finger.
  • Plan Subscription Restored: Witness the magic of a restored subscription! When a user updates their payment details and successfully pays for a previously inactive or declined subscription, our automation leaps into action. Reactivate their customer workflows and welcome them back with open arms. It's time to reignite their connection with your community and ensure they continue their exciting journey.
  • Plan Subscription Cancelled: When a subscription payment is cancelled, it's a moment to reflect and strategize. Our automation allows you to drop them into specially designed workflows, aimed at winning them back or gaining valuable insights into their departure. Explore ways to re-engage and entice them to rediscover the remarkable experiences your community has to offer.

These subscription-based automations are your secret weapons to effortlessly manage your community and create delightful experiences for your members. Embrace the power of automation and let it work its magic, leaving you with more time to focus on fostering a thriving and engaged community. Get ready to witness the wonders of automated subscription management!

Learn how to set up automations here.

Automated Billing Management

Plans automate the process of handling declined payments. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually locking out users or worrying about unlocking their accounts once payment is completed. Our system takes care of it all, ensuring the flow of your community remains seamless and uninterrupted.

User-Controlled Subscriptions

Empower your customers with the ability to manage their own subscriptions. They can easily download invoices, change or cancel their subscription if needed, and have full control over their membership experience.

Seamless Subscription Management

Should the need arise, you can also step in and manage user subscriptions manually from the back office. With just a few clicks, you can edit their user profile to change their subscription level. Rest assured, our system will handle the payment process seamlessly, charging their card accordingly when you submit.

You can also manage subscriptions under the User Billing section of your Dashboard. 

So sit back, relax, and let our automated billing management take the stage. Enjoy the benefits of user-controlled subscriptions and the flexibility to manage subscriptions manually when needed. It's time to say goodbye to billing headaches and embrace a smoother, more efficient community experience for everyone involved.

Scale Effortlessly & Soar To New Heights

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With Jedari's automated membership billing and revenue-boosting features, your community is set to soar to new heights. Embrace the power of monetization and let Jedari take care of the financial side, while you focus on creating an engaging and thriving community. Get ready to monetize your passion and build a successful online hub like never before!

Monetize Your Community With Automated Membership Billing 

Are you ready to turn your community into a thriving and monetized hub? With Jedari's automated membership billing, you can effortlessly accept subscription payments and unlock a world of revenue potential. Say goodbye to manual billing processes and hello to streamlined financial success!

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