Custom Push Notifications

Create custom push notifications that go out to your entire web- or app-based community

Custom Push Notifications: Empowering Community Engagement

Custom Push Notifications: Supercharge Community Engagement on Web or App

Push notifications are a dynamic tool that can ignite community engagement and drive meaningful interactions. By sending targeted and timely notifications, you can capture the attention of your community members, keeping them informed, involved, and eager to participate. Whether it's announcing exciting events, sharing new content, or encouraging discussions, push notifications create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action. By leveraging the power of push notifications, you can foster a vibrant and engaged community where members feel connected, valued, and inspired to contribute.

Custom Push Notifications: Endless Possibilities

Here are just a few ways you can wield the power of custom Push Notifications:

  1. Announce Live Calls: Summon your members to join thrilling live calls, webinars, or virtual events that promise valuable insights and interactive experiences. With a single notification, you'll have your community buzzing with anticipation.
  2. Notify For New Content: Deliver the freshest content directly to your members' fingertips. From captivating articles and captivating videos to enlightening podcasts, a well-crafted Push Notification will pique their curiosity and lead them straight to the latest updates.
  3. Ignite Engagement: Ignite the flames of engagement within your community with targeted Push Notifications. Encourage vibrant discussions, conduct exciting polls, or seek valuable feedback. Watch as connections deepen and interactions flourish.
  4. Drive Specific Actions: Propel your community towards specific actions and achievements. Whether it's securing event tickets, completing surveys, joining challenges, or participating in contests, custom Push Notifications will galvanize your members to take immediate action.

How To Send Custom Push Notifications

  1. Open Community Panel: Access the blue community panel dedicated to the community you wish to notify.
  2. Navigate to Push Notifications: under the Communication section.
  3. Title & Message: Craft an attention-grabbing title and a compelling message for your notification.
  4. Launch URL: Leave it blank to direct members to your community, or specify a destination URL if you want to redirect to an external site.
  5. Preview: Get a sneak peek of how your notification will appear across different platforms.
  6. Send Instantly: When you're ready, hit the send button, and your notification will instantly reach all members who have enabled notifications.

Encourage Your Community Members To Turn On Notifications

Ensure your community members never miss out on important updates and engaging conversations within your vibrant community by encouraging them to enable notifications. During the onboarding process, take the opportunity to guide your community members on how to turn on notifications. Whether through a welcome video or onboarding email, share the following instructions:

How To Turn On Notifications 

To ensure you never miss out on important updates and engaging conversations, make sure to turn on notifications in your web browser:

  1. Locate the lock icon next to the domain name in your browser's address bar.
  2. Click on the lock icon to reveal a drop-down menu.
  3. Look for the "Notifications" or "Permissions" section within the menu.
  4. Select the option that allows notifications for our community.
  5. Follow any prompts or confirmations that may appear to complete the process.

By enabling notifications, you'll stay informed about new posts, comments, messages, and exciting announcements. It's our way of ensuring you never miss a beat in our vibrant community.

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