Blue Dashboard

Blue Community Dashboard Navigation Tutorial

Blue Community Dashboard Navigation

The Blue Community Dashboard: Your Starship Command Center

Navigate through the vast cosmos of the Blue Community Dashboard, where you take command as the starship captain of your community. Harness the power to control and shape your community's destiny. Manage your crew of users, oversee their content with precision, sculpt mesmerizing static pages that captivate your audience, set goals that ignite inspiration, and craft tailored plans that cater to the unique needs of your community. With the Blue Community Dashboard, you have the tools to navigate the stars and steer your community towards greatness.

Blue Community Dashboard:

  • Manage your community users, content, static pages, goals, plans, and more

Community Dashboard Navigation

  • SYSTEM - Navigate to your Community Dashboard, User Dashboard, and Communities List
  • MENU - View and manage Community Users, Groups, and User Content
  • COMMUNICATION - Create custom Push Notifications
  • EXTRA - Create or manage Daily Goals, Automatic User Follows, Custom Fields to collect additional user data, and custom Static Content Pages 
  • USER BILLING - Create membership Plans, view and manage membership Subscriptions and Payments

Get Ready to Rock Your Community Dashboard: Unleash the Power of the Blue!

Welcome to the Blue Dashboard, your ultimate control center where you can fine-tune your Community Settings and work some serious magic in our Back Office. But hold on tight, because that's not all! Our Back Office is designed to handle multiple communities with ease, giving you the superpower to manage them all from one centralized platform. It's like having a whole universe of vibrant communities at your fingertips!

Now, let's dive into this article where we'll break down each section of our Community Dashboard, unlocking the secrets to becoming a true community management maestro. So, grab your cape and let's soar through the Blue Dashboard together!

First things first, how do I get there?

Glad you asked. If you're ready to dive into your Community Dashboard and unleash its full potential, it's as easy as a few clicks.

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  • Option 1: Click on Communities → List → Action Menu → Open Panel
  • Option 2: There's also a shortcut on the Orange Dashboard:
Black Open Panel Shortcut towards the bottom of your System Dashboard

Congratulations! You've unlocked the gateway to your community's vibrant world. Now, let's explore each section of your Community Dashboard like true superheroes!

SYSTEM: An Easy Flight Path

Dashboard: Your Community's Birds-Eye View

Dashboard Button

is where you can see your Community Dashboard, an overview of your Community Panel, including Auto Follow, Users, Groups, Posts, Warnings, Comments, Media, Links, Chats, Messages, Subscriptions, and Payments. 

User Dashboard: The Portal Back To Orange

will take you back to your Orange System User Dashboard, where you can manage your brand's system settings.

Orange System Dashboard Tutorial

List Communities: Community Edits Are Just A Leap Away

will take you back to your Communities List on the Orange System Dashboard, where you can manage your community settings, customize your login pages, and even set up automations.

Orange Dashboard: The Communities Section Tutorial


MENU: Unlocking Your Superpowers

Welcome to the extraordinary Menu section, where you can tap into your superpowers and harness the ability to shape your community's destiny. Prepare to unlock a world of possibilities as we delve into the remarkable features at your disposal:

Users:  Assemble Your Super Squad

Embrace the role of community commander as you assemble your super squad in the Users section. With the power to add or edit users, you can handpick the finest heroes and heroines to join your community. Plus, with the ability to assign the mighty blue checkmarks, you can bestow superhuman status upon worthy members, granting them recognition and prestige.

Access Control: Defending the Peace

Maintain the harmony within your community by wielding the power to disable or enable user access. With a few simple clicks, you can keep unwanted supervillains at bay and ensure that only the most deserving heroes are granted entry.

See the full Community Users help article here.

Groups: Forge Alliances

Forge powerful alliances and unite like-minded heroes under the Groups feature. Whether it's forming a league of justice or an assembly of knowledge, you have the ability to create, edit, or even disband groups within your community. Shape the landscape and cultivate a network of camaraderie and shared goals.

See the full Groups help article here.

Content Moderation: Protecting the Community

As a defender of truth and justice within your community, you hold the vital responsibility of maintaining a safe and positive environment. With the power bestowed upon you in the Menu section, you possess the ability to protect and preserve the integrity of your community by moderating its content. Let's explore the extraordinary features at your fingertips:

Posts: The Power of Influence

In the Posts section, you wield the power to view, edit, or even delete user posts. With a watchful eye, you can ensure that every post aligns with the values and guidelines of your community. Your intervention can transform a simple post into a beacon of inspiration or neutralize any negative influences that may threaten the community's harmony.

Comments: The Power of Discourse

Within the Comments section, you have the power to view, edit, or even delete comments made by community members. This superpower allows you to foster meaningful discussions and maintain a respectful and inclusive environment. With your vigilant moderation, you can ensure that every comment contributes positively to the conversation, fostering an atmosphere of growth and understanding.

Links: The Power of Knowledge

The Links section empowers you to oversee and manage all links shared within your community. With the ability to view, edit, or delete links, you can ensure that only relevant and trustworthy content finds its way into your community's virtual realm. By curating a collection of valuable and reliable resources, you enhance the collective knowledge and empower your community members to thrive.

Media: Defending The Visual Landscape

The Media section grants you the power to view and delete photos and videos shared within your community. By maintaining control over visual content, you can protect the community from inappropriate or harmful material, ensuring a safe and engaging environment for all members.

See the full help article on Managing User Content here.

Your Secret Weapon

The Menu section is your secret weapon for cultivating a thriving and harmonious community. Embrace your role as a community superhero, and together, we'll create a vibrant and inclusive environment where every member can unleash their true superpowers.


COMMUNICATION: Empower Your Super Network

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any superhero team. In the Communication section, you'll discover how to configure and customize communications for your community, including the mighty Push Notifications. Stay connected, informed, and ready to save the day!

Push Notifications:  Sending Signals of Heroic Proportions

Unleash the power of custom Push Notifications that reach every corner of your community. Keep your members informed, engaged, and ready to join forces whenever the call for action arises. Together, you'll conquer new horizons!

See the full Push Notifications help article here.


EXTRA: Unlock Super Features

In the Extra section of your Community Dashboard, you hold the key to unlocking some truly exciting capabilities for your community. Get ready to harness the full potential of your community platform with these supercharged features:

Gamification: Unleash The Power of Daily Goals

Enter the Gamification section, where you can configure Daily Goals that add a touch of fun and excitement to your community. Whether it's completing tasks or achieving milestones, gamifying your community experience creates an engaging environment that keeps members motivated and coming back for more. Unleash the power of gamification and watch your community thrive!

See the full Gamification help article here.

Auto Follow: Supercharge Community Connections

Our community platform is follow-based, allowing members to choose who they want to follow within the community. But as a community admin, you have the power to take it a step further. In the Auto Follow section, you can set up new community members to automatically follow specific users or thought leaders, including yourself. Supercharge community connections by curating a network of influential figures and guiding new members towards valuable content and inspiring voices.

See the full Auto Follow help article here.

Custom Fields: Collect Supercharged Data

With the Custom Fields feature, you have the ability to create additional fields of data that you can collect from your community members. Want to gather phone numbers during registration or capture specific information that aligns with your community's needs? Look no further! Configure custom fields to collect data that empowers you to better understand your community and tailor your offerings to their preferences.

See the full Custom Fields help article here.

Static Pages: Unleash Creativity and Share Valuable Content 

Static Pages are your ultimate tool for creating beautiful and custom content pages or libraries within your community. Craft stunning pages that showcase important information, share educational resources, or build comprehensive content libraries.

See the full Static Pages help article here.

Supercharge Your Community With These Extra Features

With these extraordinary features at your disposal, you have the tools to create a vibrant and engaging community experience that leaves a lasting impact. Embrace your superpowers and unlock the full potential of your community with the Extra section of your Community Dashboard. Together, we'll build a community that stands out from the crowd and fosters meaningful connections.


USER BILLING: Monetize Your Community Like A Superhero

The User Billing Section is where you can set up membership plans and view all of your users' payments and subscriptions.

Plans: Craft and Fortify Your Membership Offerings 

In the Plans section, you become the master architect of unlimited membership plans for your community. Like a superhero crafting their arsenal of abilities, you can tailor and customize your offerings to meet the unique needs and desires of your members. Whether it's unleashing tiered plans, captivating special promotions, or bestowing exclusive benefits, this is where you bring your superpowers to life. Ignite your creativity, attract new members, and forge unbreakable bonds within your community.

See the full Plans help article here.

Payments: Track Membership Transactions With Precision

Harness your lightning-fast reflexes and navigate to the Payments section, where you gain an unparalleled view of all individual membership payments made within your community. With a superhero's precision, you can monitor financial transactions, maintain a vigilant eye on revenue streams, and access crucial payment details. Stay in complete control of your community's financial health and ensure seamless payment experiences for your members.

Subscriptions: Monitor Membership Activity with X-Ray Vision

Tap into your extraordinary X-ray vision and soar into the Subscriptions feature, granting you the power to monitor and oversee all membership subscriptions purchased by your community members. Observe who has embraced the call to join, witness the inception of their heroic journey, and track the status of their subscriptions. Armed with this invaluable knowledge, you can decipher membership trends, identify growth opportunities, and unleash personalized offerings to nurture your community.

See the full Billing help article here.

Embrace the Power of User Billing

With the User Billing section at your command, you possess the tools to create and manage membership plans, monitor payment transactions, and track subscription activity like a true superhero. Seamlessly navigate through the intricate financial landscape of your community and cultivate a thriving, prosperous ecosystem.


Harness Your Community Dashboard's Superpowers for Success

Congratulations! You have now embarked on a heroic journey through your Community Dashboard, unlocking its supercharged features and unleashing your true potential as a community leader. Armed with powerful tools and intuitive navigation, you can shape a safe, engaging, and inclusive environment for your members to thrive.

From the Menu section, where you possess the ability to moderate and maintain order within your community, to the Extra section, where you can customize and enhance the unique aspects of your community's experience, each component of the dashboard empowers you to become the superhero your community needs.

With your moderation skills, content management prowess, communication finesse, and financial acumen, you have all the superpowers required to foster a vibrant and harmonious community. By leveraging the features and functionality of your dashboard, you can cultivate stronger relationships, foster meaningful interactions, and fuel the growth and success of your community.

Remember, you are not alone on this superheroic journey. Our support team is at your disposal, providing you with detailed guidance and insights to further enhance your understanding and proficiency in wielding your Community Dashboard's superpowers.

So, embrace your role as a community superhero, unleash your creativity, and soar to new heights. Together, let's create a community that shines as a beacon of positivity, inclusivity, and collaboration.

Now, it's time to take action, put on your cape, and make a difference. Your community is counting on you.