16. External Website

Why having an external website is important, key elements of a successful page, plus top web building platforms

Landing Page: Building Your Sales Website & What You Should Include

Why An External Website Is Important

If you want your community to thrive, driving traffic directly to your platform may not be the best approach, as everything lives behind your login page.

This is why it's a great idea to create a captivating external sales page that showcases the value of joining your community - which will drive more sales!

  • Boost Your Community Earnings: A beautifully designed public website enhances your brand's credibility, attracting more customers from your community.
  • Capture Attention: Your landing page will be a visual masterpiece, grabbing your visitors' attention from the moment they arrive.
  • Maximize Conversions: We know the science of conversion. Your landing page will be optimized to turn visitors into loyal customers.

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Sales Page Examples

Check out another sales page example from our client Sean Whalen at Lions Not Sheep.

By effectively communicating your value proposition, clearly stating your pricing, and crafting an engaging narrative, you can drive conversions and establish a genuine connection with potential members.

Key Elements Of A Successful Sales Page

1. Immediate Call-to-Action: Creating Urgency

Ex: "Limited Availability! Act Now: Secure Your Spot!"

2. Engaging Hero Section: Brand Essence & Compelling Tagline

Ex: "Your Brand in a Nutshell: [Catchy, Concise Slogan]"

3. Compelling Value Proposition: Why It's a Worthy Investment

Ex: "Your Best Investment - Transform Your Real Estate Career for Less Than a Daily Coffee"

4. Addressing the Core Issue: The Problem You're Solving

Ex: "The Challenge: Navigating the Real Estate Coaching Gap - Our Solution: Forever Progress - Your Bridge to Success in Real Estate"


5. Membership Benefits: Platform Previews & Features

Ex: "Join Our Exclusive Real Estate Community Platform: Networking, Training, Resources & More"


6. Community Pillars: Our Unique Approach to Success

Ex: "Success Redefined: Embracing the Four Pillars - Mindset, Marketing, Money, Motivation"



7. Building Trust: Your Bio

Ex: "About [Your Name]: Experience, Expertise, and Credentials."



8. Transparent Pricing: Membership Plans + What They Include

Ex: "Choose Your Path: Membership Plans Tailored to Your Needs"


9. Impact Evidence: Success Statistics

Ex: "Our Impact: Real Numbers, Real Success Stories"

10. Customer Endorsements: Testimonials

Ex:"Hear It from Our Members: Real Reviews, Real Results"


 11. Reinforce Value Prop: Why Join Us

Ex: "Your Opportunity Awaits: Don't Miss Out"


12. Final Call-to-Action: Encouraging Decision

Ex: "Join Now: Start Your Journey to Real Estate Mastery"

13. Site Footer: Mission Statement & Links

Ex: "Our Commitment: [Mission Statement] | Connect With Us: [Link to Contact Page & Socials]"


How To Create Your Landing Page

Your First Option? We can do it for you. 😉 We're kind of pros at this. We'll just need access to your website builder account so our team can create the page. 

Our Top Website Building Platform:

GoHighLevel: The All-in-One Marketing and CRM Powerhouse

  • Pricing: Starts at $97/month.
  • Offers marketing-focused features with AI integration.
  • Combines website building with comprehensive marketing and CRM tools.

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Other Noteworthy Mentions:

ClickFunnels: The Comprehensive Marketing Solution

  • Pricing: Starts at $127/month.
  • Not just a website builder, but a full-fledged sales funnel creation tool, ideal for in-depth digital marketing.
  • Features include email marketing, A/B testing, and advanced automation.

Squarespace: The User-Friendly and Affordable Website Builder

  • Pricing: Begins at $16/month.
  • Easy-to-use website builder that focuses on design & ease of use.
  • A versatile and affordable option for creating beautiful websites.


  • Pricing: Basic plan starts at $29/month.
  • Ideal for e-commerce; provides robust online store capabilities.


  • Pricing: Standard plan starts at $49/month.
  • Specializes in high-converting landing pages, suitable for lead generation.


  • Pricing: Starts at $30/month.
  • HubSpot is known for its integrated CRM and wealth of features, but did you know it also offers a versatile website builder?

Build Trust, Excitement, & Drive Sales

Imagine a sales page that radiates trust and sparks excitement in potential members. By painting a vivid picture of the value they'll receive, the unwavering support they can count on, and the extraordinary transformation that awaits them, you'll ignite their enthusiasm and inspire them to join your vibrant community MUCH more readily than directing them straight to your /register page.

Embrace the power of connection, and watch as potential members confidently invest in your community, knowing they're about to embark on an incredible adventure.

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