App Checklist

What We'll Need To Build, Publish, and Maintain Your Custom App

App Checklist + Required App Assets

Your App Checklist, Simplified

PART 1: Create and Share Your App Developer Accounts 📱 

We publish apps from YOUR Apple + Google Play developer accounts, so it looks like you developed it yourself.  

IMPORTANT: Make sure to create your accounts as an ORGANIZATION!!

  • We WILL NOT be able to publish your app if you create your accounts as an individual.

Step 1: Get a DUNS Number at  (Free)

  • You'll need a D-U-N-S Number to create both of your developer accounts as a business/organization.
    • What is a DUNS Number?

Step 2: Create Your Apple Developer Account at  ($99) 

  • Sign in with your preferred Apple ID or create a new account
  • Enroll in the Apple Developer Program. 
  • Once your enrollment is approved, you will need to Add Our Team As Admins.

Step 3: Create Your Google Play Dev Account at  ($25)

  • Sign in to your preferred Google Account, or create a new one.
  • Become a Google Play Console Developer.
  • Once you've completed your account verification, you will need to Add Our Team As Admins.

Step 4: Add Our Team As Admins To Your Dev Accounts

  • Verify Your Accounts: You'll most likely need to submit additional documentation such as legal entity docs and your ID before you can do this.
  • Apple will also need to see your Public Sales Website before they will approve your account. They'll want to see what your company is about and a /Contact Page.
    • Email Addresses To Add:


Create A Landing Page/Sales Website For Your App

Make Sure To Upload Your Legal Agreements Into Your Community

  • Legal Agreements: Make sure to upload your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy into your community. Apple & Google will also check these.
App Build Information Header

Send Us Your App Build Assets + Info via This Form

Besides your basic community info and organization name, here's our list of required app assets:

Your App Icon

  • Dimensions: 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • Solid Background: NOT transparent
  • Border Space: Leave enough border space to ensure your app icon looks sleek and stunning across different devices.

Your App Listing Information 

Stay Away From Mentioning:

  • Courses/Subscriptions/Payments - They WILL try to take 30%.
  • Anything Religious or Spiritual
  • Guns/Drugs/Alcohol, etc.

App Name

  • If you have an existing app, you will have to pick something different. 

App Subtitle

  • 30-character subtitle

App Description

  • Showcase your community's unique benefits and value in a captivating description. You can even unleash your creativity using ChatGPT and then customize it to suit your needs. We've got 2,000 characters to make your app irresistible!

App Keywords

  • Select keywords that your target audience is likely to search for. Choose terms that resonate with your community's focus and highlight its key features. Remember, you have 100 characters to play with, separated by commas.
  • Keywords are limited to 100 characters total, with terms separated by commas and no spaces. (Note that you can use spaces to separate words within keyword phrases. For example: Property,House,Real Estate.)

App Listing Screenshot Cards: We Got You!

Sit back and relax because we've got you covered with our ready-made app listing cards. We've taken care of creating these cards in all the necessary dimensions, so you don't have to worry about a thing. These eye-catching and professionally designed app listing cards will make your app shine across various platforms. 

If you would like to design your own, here are the required App Screenshot Dimensions: 

Ready to submit your information?

Congrats on getting everything together to build your custom app! Now that we have everything we need, let's get the ball rolling! Simply fill out our App Build Form and provide us with all the necessary details. 

Please note that our app build turnaround time is two weeks from the moment we have all the required information. Once your app is ready, the acceptance process may take up to 72 hours as Apple & Google check to ensure everything meets the necessary guidelines.

Get ready to embark on an exciting app journey and unleash the full potential of your community!

Fill out our App Build Form here.