Managing Member Content

Moderate Your Members' Posts, Comments, Links, and Media - Control The Narrative

Managing Member Content: Creating A Safe Space For Your Community

Harnessing the Power of Social Feed Moderation

The Social Feed is the vibrant pulse of your community, where users come together to share their thoughts, experiences, and connections. It's a place free from algorithms and hidden agendas, where the authentic voice of your community shines through.

However, we understand that occasionally, unwanted content may find its way into this sacred space you've created. So, what happens when something doesn't quite fit within the safe and supportive environment you've cultivated?

Don't worry, we've got your back. Our platform provides powerful moderation tools to help you maintain the integrity of your community. From customizable filters to user reporting features, you have the means to ensure that your Social Feed remains a positive and inclusive space for all involved.

Taming the Trolls - Keeping it Fun and Friendly

If someone dares to disrupt the harmony of your community with inappropriate content, don't worry. You have the ability to swiftly remove it with just a couple of clicks.

Managing Member Content: The Power Is In Your Hands

Running your community through Jedari comes with a universe of possibilities, including the power to oversee and moderate all member-generated content. From posts and comments to links and media uploads, you have the tools to shape the high-level space you're cultivating. Say goodbye to unwanted intruders and trolls – it's time to navigate the vast cosmos of content management!

The Community Dashboard: Your Back Office Moderation Station

In your backend Community Dashboard, you have the capability to view and moderate the following types of user content:


Explore the Posts section, where you can effortlessly view and manage all user-generated posts. 

Post List

Gain insights into post details, including post type, author, engagement metrics like likes, shares, and comments, and the post's creation date. The Action Menu empowers you to delve deeper into post information, edit posts, or bid them farewell with a single click.

Post Warnings

You can also view any posts warnings, including the post ID, status, who reported, why it was reported, when it was reported.  

If you click on the action menu here, it takes you to the post information, allowing you to view the original post, who posted it, who reported it, and why.

This will empower you to take action on any posts that don't align with your community's values and vision. 


Journey into the Comments section, where you can navigate through all the cosmic discussions taking place within your community. Unveil the comment's universe, including its ID, associated post ID, parent ID, author, content, engagement metrics, and creation timestamp. 

With the Action Menu at your disposal, you can easily explore comment details, edit them if needed, or delete them into the cosmic abyss.


Traverse the Links section to discover the cosmic connections shared by your community members. Check out the web of links with their unique ID numbers, parent sites, captivating titles, URLs, and creation timestamps. 

Use the Action Menu to dive deeper into link details, modify, or sever ties if necessary.


Embark on a visual voyage through the Media section, where the galaxy of photos and videos posted by your community awaits. Unveil the essence of each media artifact, including its ID number, status, media type, file extension, unique hash, position, available formats, duration, and creation timestamp. 

The Action Menu grants you the power to explore media information in detail or bid farewell to cosmic visuals that no longer align with your community's vision.

Cultivate A Harmonious Space

As the cosmic commander of your community, these tools enable you to navigate the celestial sea of content, ensuring that your community's atmosphere remains harmonious and aligned with your vision. So buckle up, embrace the power of content management, and let your community's cosmic narrative shine bright across the universe!