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How To Upgrade Your Membership, Pause Your Plan, Or Cancel Your Subscription

Managing Your Jedari Subscription

In this article, you'll learn how to Upgrade, Pause, or Cancel your Jedari Subscription.

How To Upgrade Your Subscription: Grow As You Go

As your community grows, so do your needs. Remember, your subscription won't automatically update with user growth, so if it's time to upgrade your plan to access more features, launch your own app, or accommodate more users, here’s two ways you can upgrade:

From the Orange Dashboard:

  • Navigate to Communities > List > Action > Change Plan. Select your new plan, and submit. 

From the Blue Dashboard:   

  • Just click on the upgrade link by your Active User count.
  • Select your new plan, and submit. 

Troubleshooting: Encountering issues? Ensure your payment details are accurate. You might need to reselect your payment method for the changes to take effect. For persistent problems, reach out to us at

Ready To Launch Your Own App?

Elevate your community with our App Plan, offering mobile access and a superior user experience without changing anything but your plan.

Our Seamless App Upgrade Process

Transitioning from a Web Plan to an App Plan is a seamless process that you can manage directly from your backend. 

  • What we'll need from you to launch your app: Review the App Checklist here.
  • When you're ready, follow the steps above to upgrade your subscription, let your onboarding specialist know, and submit your app assets to the team.
  • Have questions? Just talk to your onboarding specialist. They'll be there to guide you through the entire app build process. 

Once we have what we need from you, we'll have your app live within just two weeks! All of your data will transition over seamlessly, and your members will still be able to access your platform via web or app.


Need A Break? Here's How To Pause Your Plan: 

We get it, life happens. That's why we have implemented a Pause Plan for $25/month. Pausing allows you to hold on to all of your hard work and community data until you are ready to dive back in. 

Considering Cancellation?

Make Sure To Cancel Your Paying Members First

IMPORTANT: Before you cancel, it's crucial to ensure you cancel the subscriptions of all your paying members to avoid any chargebacks or lost revenue.

  • Cancelling Your Paying Members: Cancelling all of your paying community members will typically take a full billing cycle, so make sure to plan ahead.
  • Avoid Losing Any Revenue: We're here to help you through this process smoothly, ensuring you don't miss out on any revenue or leave any member dissatisfied. Reach out to us for guidance on making your transition as straightforward as possible.

Cancelling will delete your community and all of your data. If you're hesitant, we recommend reaching out to us to pause your account. If you're sure about cancelling, follow the steps below.

Ready To Say Goodbye? Here's How To Cancel:

Once your members are all cancelled and you are ready to delete your community, here's how to cancel:

  • From the Orange Dashboard, head to My Billing > Subscriptions
Action Menu - 3 dots
  • Click on the Action Menu
  • then Cancel
  • Enter a Reason, and Submit.

Your Feedback Matters

While we're sad to see you go, we're excited for what lies ahead for you!

Before you leave, we'd love to know your thoughts. 🤔 Is there a feature that's missing that would have enticed you to stay? Your feedback is pure gold that will help us become even better.


Wrapping Up: Your Journey with Jedari Subscription Management

Ensuring your Jedari subscription aligns with your community's needs is our top priority. This guide aims to simplify that process, whether you're upgrading, pausing, or considering cancellation. Our goal is to keep your platform engaging and responsive to your community.

  • For any questions, assistance, or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at Your insights help us refine and evolve Jedari to better serve you and your community's aspirations.

Remember, whether you're scaling up, taking a pause, or moving on, we're here to support you. Let's keep the conversation going.