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Back Office Navigation: The Basics of Jedari's User Dashboard

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System Dashboard Navigation: Unleash Your Admin Superpowers

Welcome, hero, to your System Dashboard – the command center of your Jedari back office. Here, you have the power to shape your company's settings and manage multiple communities all from one epic platform. With each section representing a unique superpower, you're ready to embark on a heroic journey through your System Dashboard!

  • SYSTEM - System Dashboard Overview and managing System Users
  • MENU - Manage communities, Domains, Email Senders, Legal Documentation Templates, and Dedicated IP Addresses
  • E-COMMERCE - Monetize your community by connecting your Stripe account and setting up one-time purchase products
  • USER BILLING - Manage payments and subscriptions between you and your users
  • MY BILLING - Manage payments and subscriptions between you and Jedari

Unlock Superhero Shortcuts

At the bottom of the page, you have a Communities Quick-Access menu (above) where you have the following options:

Black Open Panel Button
Community Panel
  • The Information Button allows you to view your Community Information
Community Information Screenshot

SYSTEM: A Bird's-Eye View

Dashboard: A System Map

Dashboard Button

In the System Dashboard, you'll find an overview of your Company's Back Office, including System Users, Communities, Gateways, Plans, Product Categories, Products, Subscriptions, and Payments. It's where you'll gather intel on your company's operations and unleash your strategic vision.

Communities Quick-Access Menu

System Users: Super Sidekicks

is where you can add and manage your super sidekicks: System admins who have access to your Jedari Back Office Portal at

See the full System Users help article here.

MENU: Your Secret Arsenal

The Menu is your secret arsenal, granting you access to configure vital sections such as Communities, Dedicated IPs, Term Templates, Domains, and Email Senders. These tools empower you to create and customize your community's domain, establish terms and conditions, and wield the power of effective email communication.

Communities: Unleash Your Super Social Platforms

Get ready to wield the power of custom, private social media platforms with Communities! This is where the true magic happens in your back office. As a hero of community management, you'll spend most of your time here, shaping and nurturing your online havens.

See the full Communities help article here. 

Dedicated IPS: Activate the Power of Exclusive Hosting

While our clients have access to our shared hosting IP address, you, as a true superhero, may desire even more control and power. In the Dedicated IPs section, you can purchase and manage a dedicated IP address, granting you unparalleled security and customization options.

Dedicated IPs are deprecated, and you no longer need one.

Term Templates : Fortify Your Community with Legal Might

Every hero needs a strong legal foundation. In the Term Templates section, you can upload your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, ensuring that your community operates with integrity and safeguards the rights of its members. Remember, consulting with your legal counsel is essential to unleash the full potential of these vital documents.

See the full Terms Templates help article here. 

Domains: Connect a Website Worthy of Your Community

Your community needs a web domain worthy of its greatness. In the Domains section, you'll add and enable the domain for your community (or communities!), allowing your super-powered social platform to make its mark on the digital world.

View the full Domain help article here. 

Email Senders: Communicate with Heroic Efficiency

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any thriving community. In the Email Senders section, you'll configure your email senders, allowing you to send out email verifications and notifications on behalf of your community. A superhero-worthy email address, like, will be your secret weapon in building trust and engagement among your members.

View the full Email Senders help article here. 

E-COMMERCE: Even Superheroes Want To Get Paid

With E-Commerce, you become a master of financial prowess. The Gateways section allows you to connect your Stripe account, enabling seamless payment processing. In Categories and Products, you'll organize your offerings, from mighty one-time purchases to heroic shipping rates.

Gateways: Unlock the Power of Seamless Payments

In the Gateways section, you'll connect your Stripe account, the ultimate weapon in secure and efficient payment processing. With this powerful integration, you'll be able to accept payments and manage billing with ease, ensuring a smooth transaction experience for your community.

See the full Gateways help article here. 

Categories: Organize Your Product Arsenal

Every superhero needs a well-organized arsenal, and in the Categories section, you'll create one-time purchase product categories. By categorizing your offerings, you'll provide clarity and convenience to your community members as they explore your mighty collection of products.

Products: Extraordinary Offerings

Become a true merchant of greatness in the Products section. Here, you'll add one-time purchase products, showcasing your extraordinary offerings to your community. From digital downloads to physical goods, every product you list will bring joy, knowledge, or empowerment to your community members.

Shipping Rates: Conquer The World (Of Delivery)

As a superhero, you'll face the challenge of delivering your products to eager fans worldwide. In the Shipping Rates section, you'll conquer the world of delivery by setting up shipping rates for your one-time purchase product catalog. Whether domestic or international, you'll ensure fair and efficient shipping options for your community.

See the full E-Commerce help article here.

USER BILLING: Between You + Your Users

In the User Billing section, you harness the power of Payments and Subscriptions. Here, you can track individual payments and subscriptions, ensuring smooth and secure transactions within your system. Your financial super-senses are sharp, and nothing escapes your watchful eye.

Note: Subscription Plans are set up on the Community Dashboard.

Check out our help article here to discover how to set up Plans.

Payments: Individual User Payments

In the Payments section, you'll uncover the hidden truths of individual payments made within your system. Every transaction, every contribution, and every exchange of value will be at your fingertips. With this knowledge, you'll maintain transparency and control over the financial activities within your community.

Subscriptions: Individual User Subscriptions

As a superhero of user billing, you'll wield the power of Subscriptions. Track, manage, and nurture these valuable subscriptions to ensure a harmonious and thriving relationship with your users.

See the full User Billing help article here.

MY BILLING: Between You + Jedari

The My Billing Section is where you establish the dynamic relationship between your company and Jedari. You have the ability to configure payments and subscriptions, ensuring a harmonious partnership.

MY BILLING: Payments

The Payments Section is where you can view all individual payments that have been made by you towards your Jedari subscription.

MY BILLING: Subscriptions

The Subscriptions Section is where you can view and manage your Jedari subscription.

See the full help article on Managing Your Jedari Subscription here.


Your Super Journey Continues

You've now mastered the art of navigating your System Dashboard. But your superheroic quest isn't over yet! As you unlock the secrets of your Community (Blue) Dashboard, you'll delve deeper into the heart of your communities, engaging with your members and creating a thriving haven for connection and collaboration.

Click here for the Community Dashboard demo.