User Cancellation

How To Handle Cancellation For Your Users' Memberships

Handling Membership Cancellations

If you have a member who wants to cancel, you have two options for how to help them. 

Option 1: Your User Can Cancel Their Own Subscription.

Here's the instructions for how to cancel:

  • Login to Account on web
  • Click on the 9-Dots App Launcher
  • Then My Plan
  • Click on the Three Dots
  • Click on Cancel 
  • Confirm, and enter a reason (must be 10 characters)

Option 2: Cancel Subscription From Your Admin Portal

  • Login to your admin account at
  • Open the Blue Panel for your community
  • Navigate to Users > List
  • Locate the user who is wanting to cancel
  • Go to three dots, Information
  • Click on Subscriptions
  • View the subscription
  • Click on cancel, and enter in a reason

That's all! Hope this helps. 😊