Group Management

Assign admin level access to members of your groups for help managing them.

Group Management: Delegate Group Admins

How To Grant Admin Access To Group Members

IMPORTANT: Only the owner of the group and any delegated admins will be able to manage the group.

  • This includes editing the group, assigning admin access, and adding group graphics.
  • You can determine the group owner via the admin portal, under Groups. You can also edit to group to manually reassign the owner.

Step 1: Make Sure The User Has Joined The Group.

  • All users have to join groups to be a part of them.
  • You won't be able to assign admin access to a user if that user has not yet joined the group.

Step 2: Assign Admin Access Under Members

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  • Log into your community platform.
  • Head to Groups, then find the group you are wanting to update.
  • Head to the Members tab
  • Locate the member, and switch their access using the dropdown menu.
  • Hit Change.