5. Edit Settings

How to Edit Your Community Settings & Customize Your Community

5. Set Up Your Community: Edit Your Community Settings

Editing Your Community Settings Navigation

  1. General: Community Name and Domain
  2. Gateway: Stripe Account
  3. Settings: Community Settings 
  4. Term Pages: Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Company Information
  5. Services: Third Party Captcha & Google Integrations

Edit Communities

Communities settings can be edited at any time by navigating to Communities → List → Action → Edit. 

To save the changes that you make to your community settings, make sure to navigate to the last page (Services) and press Submit.

Community Settings Overview

The following is a list of the community settings that you can edit any time.

1. General 

General includes Community Name, Community Email, and Domain. You will want to ensure you select the proper domain from the dropdown for this community. You will not be able to enable your community until your domain is properly routed and enabled in the Domains section.

2. Gateway

Gateway is where you can connect your Stripe account to your community and select any one-time purchase products you want listed on your site.

3. Settings

You can change the settings for your community such as registration, age restriction, event creation, group creation, live creation, stories creation, knowledge base, checkout page, referral program, goals, and email sender.

Communities > Edit > Settings
  • Registration: Turn on Registration and select if your community will be free or paid. Only select Paid if you have your Stripe account connected and have your plans created, otherwise your users will hit a pay wall with no plans to select from. If you select the box Admins need to verify/approve all new registrations, then your community members will be stuck in the Pending Community Users List until you manually approve them.     
  • Age Restriction: You can turn on an age restriction for your community - for example, if you do not want anyone under the age of 18 to be able to join.
  • Group Creation: Turn this on if you would like to enable the creation of groups within your community. Select if you want normal users to be able to create groups or if only your verified users can create groups. We don't recommend selecting Admins need to review and approve when a group is created, because there is not a native notification system in place for when this happens. You choose who your verified users are by editing their Community User page and turning on the Verified switch, so we recommend the following configuration:
  • Event Creation: Turn this on so you can create events within your community, and choose who else can create events. We recommend the following configuration:
  • Live Creation: Turn this on so you and other members of your community can go live in platform. We recommend the following configuration:
  • Stories creation: Just like Instagram or Facebook, turn this on if you would like users to be able to post stories that disappear after 24 hours. We recommend the following configuration: 
  • Knowledge Base: This section is to link to a third party website where people can learn how to navigate your community platform or contact you with questions.

  • Referral System: With our built-in referral system, you can reward your members for inviting their friends to our platform with a discount of your choice off of their next month's subscription.

Users can generate referral links and view their referrals from the frontend website, just click on the nine breadcrumbs in the top left, then select Referral Codes or View Referrals.

  • Goals: Turn this on to enable the Daily Goals/Gamification aspect of your community, which can be configured in the Community (Blue) Dashboard.
  • Email Sender: Turn this on to assign an email sender to send verification emails when a new user signs up for your community. You must first enable the email sender from the Email Senders list, then once it's enabled, you can select the proper email from the dropdown.
  • App Settings: This is for app clients only, and you don't need to worry about it, because we will enter this for you. 

4. Term Pages

Term Pages is where you can enable and connect your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions based on the needs of your community. Make sure to consult with your legal counsel to set clear standards and policies for your community platform and then connect them to your community here.

You can also enter in your company details in the bottom half of the Term Pages section.

5. Services

Services is where you can connect a CAPTCHA account to fend off bots from registering for your site, or connect your Google Maps or Analytics APIs.

CAPTCHA offers protection from remote digital entry by making sure only a human being with the right password can access your account. You can enable CAPTCHA and fill following details like Forms, system, secret key, site key. 

Google analytics help you measure your website’s performance by tracking and collecting metrics on your website’s visitors, their conversion rate, bounce rate, average session duration, page views, and so on. 

Make sure to submit your changes on the last page! 

Happy Community Editing.