Community Launch Checklist + Getting Started Guide

An Overview Of What You'll Need To Successfully Launch Your Community

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Client Onboarding + Success

Call 1: Domain Connection

The first step? Connect your domain, so we can see your community live in our second call. Bonus points: create your support email and your Stripe account.

Call 2: Community Setup

Once your site is live, our team will be able to help you complete the setup for your community. You'll be ready to launch in no time!  


Services: Our team of experts can assist with graphics, sales websites, tech support, and more.

See our available Service Packages here.

jedarian groups

Join Jedarian: Our Client Community

You'll find a treasure trove of resources within Jedarian, including access to connect with the Jedari team members and fellow clients, Community Success Courses, groups on every topic, and even guided meditations.

For questions or assistance, you can always send us a chat, email, or Submit A Help Ticket right here in our help center. 



Key Community Launch Elements

Here is an overview of the key elements you'll need to launch.



The first - and most important - step is selecting and connecting your domain so we can see your site live!

Step 1: Choose A Domain That Matches Your Community Name

Choosing the right name for your community sets you up for success. While you're at it, it's a good idea to check if the matching website domain is available. 

  • Don't have an idea yet? That's okay, let's get your site live so we can complete our setup. You can always change it later!  

💻 Best Practice: 2 Domains 💻

One for your community, and one for your website/landing page to drive sales.

External Sales Website Jedari Community Website
A public website/landing page that will explain the value of joining & drive sales Your own private social platform that lives behind a login wall
You can't have the same domain for both, because connecting your community would override your existing website. 
External Sales Website Example Jedari Community Website Example

Step 2: Purchase Your Domain 

  • Namecheap: To purchase your domain, we recommend but you can purchase your domain anywhere.
  • Connection Through Cloudflare: Our domain connection process through takes care of security for free, so you don't need to purchase hosting, SSL certificates, or any add-ons.

Step 3: Connect Your Domain To Jedari 




It's a good idea to have a dedicated, branded support email to send verification emails, connect with your community members, and keep things professional. 

  • Our default email sender is, but we can connect a custom email for your community.
  • Your custom email sender has to match your community domain in order to be CAN-SPAM compliant.
Community Domain Example Support Email Example

Set Up Your Support Email 📤

  • You can create an email inbox for your domain through Google Workspace or Outlook.
  • Our comprehensive tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process with ease.




Turning Passion Into Profit 💰

With our automated billing features, you can transform your community into a scalable, revenue-generating asset.

  • Membership Pricing: What will you charge for membership? 
  • Membership Tiers: Will you have different membership levels?
    • Automatic Upsells: We can create exclusive gated groups, pages, and audio albums to specific subscription levels. 


Create & Connect Your Stripe Account

stripe preview

We integrate with stripe in just a couple of clicks, so you can get paid effortlessly.

Learn more about monetizing your community here.






For all required graphics and dimensions:



Create Groups For Dedicated Discussions

  • Create unlimited groups for specific topics, and decide who can join, post, and comment. Control group access via membership plans.
  • Example: Live Calls Group, where you're the only one who can post, so users can easily find all of your live calls.

So, start brainstorming the groups you will want in your community.


Create Gamified Daily Goals

Boost community engagement with Daily Goals.


Example: Our daily goals at Jedari

Category: 🌱 Body 💟 Balance 🌟 Being 📈 Business
Task 1: Movement Share Appreciation Read & Journal Learn Something New
Task 2: Follow a Meal Plan Random Act Of Kindness Meditate Implement Something New

Go ahead and brainstorm Categories & Daily Goals for your community.

content pagesPAGES

Create Pages For Dedicated Content Libraries

Create dedicated pages for valuable content like video libraries, courses, guides, or articles.

  • You can even create gated pages that require a membership upgrade for more premium content.

Ideas & Structure Of Static Pages:

Collection: Getting Started
Category: Welcome! Category: Values

Page: Welcome To Our Community

An introduction video to your community 

Page: Set Up Your Profile
A demo video of how users can set up their profiles

Page: Join Our Groups

A video explaining your groups

Page: Community Values

Text outlining your platform guidelines

Page Collection: Course Content

Ctgry: Introduction

Category: Course Content

Page: Course Overview

Video, course outline + downloadable PDF

Page: Module 1

Course video, text, and downloadable guide

Page: Module 2

Course video, text, and a downloadable guide

Page: Module 3

Course video, text, and a downloadable guide

Use this outline to start organizing your content for Static Pages.

audio player yt coverAUDIO PLAYER

Compile audio content for your community, like:



That's all for now!

Be sure to explore our other help articles for more detailed guidance on setting everything up.